Sage 200

Acumen is proud to be the only Sage 200 Standard Online and Extra business partner in Aberdeen. Our teams are highly proficient in each package to assist you with your accountancy requirements, allowing for complete and simple control over your finances. Sage 200 is a modular software, ideal for larger businesses such as manufacturers, project engineers or those in the procurement or hospitality industry, which allows you to select what you want depending on your organisation’s needs. There are two different Sage 200 packages available, so why not read our product overviews to see which is best for you.

Sage 200 Standard Online

This straightforward online accounting software is ideal for growing businesses with 10-200 employees. It enables simple and secure online accounting that allows for development as your business grows. For example, you can choose to scale up or down the number of users as you require. It allows for greater control over your finances as the business becomes more complex, offering robust budget and cash flow management tools. It provides functionality to easily control complex processes, such as manufacturing or sales and purchase ordering. The software also encompasses powerful reporting tools, which are ideal for analysis of trends and business performance. This information can then be shared across teams, regardless of geographic location or currency.

Its cloud-based nature also means that you are able to access information anytime and anywhere, providing you have internet connection. Sage 200 Standard Online also comes with direct Sage support, including CRM assistance, giving you advice and peace of mind at any time of the day, morning or night.

Sage 200 Extra

This software is a powerful solution that manages your whole business including accounts, supply chain, customers and business intelligence, all on one platform. It is ideal for businesses with a typical turnover of between £1m-£50m and is easy to customise, providing you with the ability to integrate third party systems such as e-commerce, websites, Amazon and eBay.

It is a scalable modular solution, allowing you to implement and remove features and users as you require. This also means that you pay for what you need. It features four key ledgers including sales, purchase, nominal and cashbook, as well as detailed analysis tools for reporting on every facet of your business with the full power of Excel. The data provided can also assist with the creation, management and monitoring of detailed marketing campaigns.

Sage 200 Extra is also a time-saver, with the facility to process online timesheets and expenses, as well as providing you with the ability to manage and track your supply chain activities closely and efficiently from end to end.

Up to 50 users can also take advantage of expert guidance any time day or night with Sage 200 services, lending helpful advice as you run your business.

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