Photo of hay field


From Aberdeenshire to the Shetland Islands, our farming team of experts is based in our head office in Aberdeen. We recognise that farming is a specialised industry, which is unique in many ways. We understand that to many of our farming clients, farming is not only a business and a means of earning a living; it is a way of life which may have been handed down over many generations. 

We are committed to providing a specialised range of services to the agricultural industry, which is tailored to the specific issues and challenges it faces.

Services include:

  • Accounts preparation 
  • Minimising tax liabilities 
  • Capital tax planning 

We work closely with our farming clients to ensure they pay the minimum amount of tax by making the most of tax planning opportunities such as Farmers Averaging and The Stock Depreciation Adjustment.

As farming is a business requiring significant capital investment, any tax planning will inevitably require a thorough knowledge and understanding of both Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Inheritance Tax (IHT). We can provide advice relating to areas of succession and how best to structure your business, with both CGT & IHT considerations.